Police Investigation Charleston Church Shooting

A person is recovering Friday night after getting shot in the gut time. Charleston Police are Utilizing a and on the scene. Charleston authorities state that the gentleman’s injuries don’t seem to be lifethreatening. Medics have been night Metro 911 dispatchers state.

Authorities haven’t released any info on a defendant. Continue assessing for the information in the WSAZ Program. The picture is described as being a man who wore trousers and a blouse shirt. Police state Tabb was hauled to a medical facility and is in serious illness.

EMS crews are currently analyzing. Police state the other man named as Charles Hayes of Charleston was spotted punching at Tabb from the face once he had been captured. Police state Hayes fled the scene but was arrested and charged with battery life.

The sufferer is recognized by Charleston Police of Bluefield, as Kenoma Tabb, 45. The guy who was taken at multiple times on Friday day was identified. The shooting has been recorded around 9:30 p.m. Police say the defendant fled the scene on foot moving toward the junction of Washington Street and Schrewsbury Street. The shooting occurred out of this Capitol Hotel in Charleston approximately 9:30 p.m.

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