Electrify Canada Launches Canadian App, Commits to Setting Up 32 Charging Stations in 2020

According to Robert Barrosa, the Chief Operating Officer of Electrify Canada the 32 locations for the first phase of installing charging stations have been chosen. The company, which is a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group held the first charge event at the Toronto Premium Outlets shopping center in Halton Hills.

This is the site for the first charging station for electric vehicles in Electrify Canada’s plans for a 32-station charging network. Barossa confirmed all of the locations for the charging station in the network in the provinces of British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario. Construction at many of these sites has already begun.

Until now the company has declined to disclose the exact location of these sites. This status is expected to remain until the company finishes securing the site, gets all of the necessary permits, in addition to making sure that the utility can support Electrify Canada’s needs.

Barossa spoke about further expansion plans: “After that, we’ll continue to expand mainly on routes [highways] and other locations that we see fit. Once the demand rises and we need to expand, we’re ready to do that.”

Volkswagen’s Canadian Arm Turns to Electricity

Each of the new charging stations will be equipped with the first certified liquid cooled cable fast chargers to be deployed in the country. These chargers will be available in the DC 350 and 150 kilowatt variants. Each of the 32 stations in the network will be equipped with 4 such chargers, and will also be customizable for the addition of more.

The announcement was made in the presence of the heads for Audi Canada, Porsche Canada, and Volkswagen Group Canada. The acting president and CEO for Volkswagen Canada, Lorie-Ann Roxburgh stated the company’s intentions to move towards an all-electric future line up of vehicles: “I’ve been with Volkswagen Group Canada for many years and I have to say we’re on the cusp of the most fundamental change in the industry. These charging stations will be for our vehicles but also all other manufacturers. That’s our commitment to really driving the importance of emissions-free mobility.”

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