Canada’s Deficit is on the Decline as Jobs Market Booms in Ontario

The federal government of Canada in Ontario cut down its projection of deficits by CAD 1.3 billion for the fiscal year of 2019 – 2020 as the growth in the rate of job creation has started to speed up in the country’s provincial economic powerhouse.

The largest sub-sovereign debt issuer in the world is on track to report a deficit of CAD 9 billion for the fiscal year ending on the 31st of March, down from CAD 10.3 billion as projected previously. This data was given out by the regional government of Ontario. The new projection of deficits includes CAD 1 billion, which is set aside for contingencies.

The government has also revealed plans to cut the corporate tax rates for small businesses from 3.5 to 3.2 per cent from the 1st of January 2020, which will give tax relief of approximately CAD 1500 for more than 275,000 small businesses in the country.

Rate of Borrowing Also Declines

Rodney Philips, the finance minister stated: “Since taking office 16 months ago, our government has taken steps to strengthen our finances, our economy and critical public services. Solving these challenges has not been about grand gestures, but rather the practical and meaningful actions that help make life easier and more affordable for people, like reducing taxes, investing in health care and education, and building modern transit and roads.”

In addition, the economy of Ontario has been on the mend following a sluggish start for 2019. In September, the unemployment rate had managed to reach 5.3 per cent, which is almost a 3-year low. In addition, Doug Ford, the Premiere of the province has been pushing to get rid of the budget shortage by the fiscal year of 2023-24.

However, this move is expected to take effect in an incremental manner to reduce large cuts in services, and issues with workers in the public sector. Even the revenues have marginally gone up to CAD 155.8 billion, while expenses are expected to reach CAD 163.8 billion, substantially surpassing expectations, as per forecasts from earlier in the year.

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