Growth in Hospitality and Food Services Operations Dominate Demand for Seasoning and Spices

Across the world, the trend of eating at home has become extremely popular owing to the benefits of the lower costs, and healthier meals. In addition, consumers are increasingly preferring to eat fresh foods instead of refrigerated and preserved variants. These trends have made sure that the spices and seasonings industry pays more attention to decisions made by regular consumers instead of focusing only on the requirements of food and drink professionals.

In addition, the demand for easy to cook foods and a wider flavor range is expected to grow with the hectic lifestyles of consumers. This trend is also augmented by the rising demand for ready to use spice mixes which are prepared with convenient packaging formats. In addition, spices and seasonings are also being manufactured in a number of forms such as powder blends, tablets and more.

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Health Consciousness Drives Expansion of Organic Resources

Consumers have become very conscious about the impact on health from food choices, and consequently, buyers seek to avoid spices and seasonings sourced from GMO or chemically processed ingredients. As a result manufacturers have also started to bolster their production capacities for organic and non-GMO products for their portfolio.

This trend is expected to keep rising with the rising global standards of living and the higher levels of disposable incomes. In addition, awareness about adverse health effects from artificial flavorings and low grade food items has boosted the preference for fresh spices.

Major Players Stick with Conventional Spice and Seasoning Variants

The demand for foods flavored with spices is continuing to increase, which is expected to continue global demand in the industry. While spices will continue to dominate the industry in terms of demand, healthier substitutes for salt are expected to gain increased use at a faster rate.

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onventional spices and seasonings are expected to continue generating substantial portions of the overall revenues, with the organic segments witnessing a better CAGR overall. Most of these sales continue to come out of traditional brick and mortar outlets, while online sales channels are gradually gaining traction.

Some of the leading participants in the spices and seasonings industry include the DS Group, McCormick and Company, SHS Group Limited, Olam International Limited, and Ariake Japan Co. Ltd. among others.

Food Service and Hospitality Requirements Contribute to Demand

The global tourism and hospitality industry is expected to continue growing in the near future, with the development and global awareness about new tourist destinations. This trend is expected to rise faster with the rapid pace of construction of new restaurants and hotels, which will have a positive impact on the global spices and seasoning industries for the foreseeable future.

Some of the more popular spice mixes and seasonings in the industry include Greek seasonings, garam masala, Cajun spice mixes, and Creole mixes. Hospitality and food service operators are pushing their efforts towards balancing unique food flavoring experiences, with affordable costs, which has also resulted in the development and production of substitutes.

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