Operator Comfort and Ease of Service Gain Importance in Production of Compact Excavators

As the population on a global scale continues to grow at an exponential rate, physical space, particularly in urban areas has become very limited. Consequently, construction operations involving digging with conventional machines is faced with a large number of logistical challenges.

Following development, compact excavators have become an essential construction vehicle, which allows for earthmoving operations even in small spaces. With increasing popularity for the trend of miniaturization, in the global automotive sector, compact excavators are being produced in higher volumes around the world.

Attachment and Accessory Options Increase Customized Operational Applicability

The demand for compact excavators comes from major construction companies and individual operators as well. In addition compact excavators are being manufactured to provide superior comfort to operators even over long periods of operation. This factor is key to the increased adoption rates in the industry.

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In addition, the easy operations of these machines are also pushing larger construction companies to avoid conventional excavator options by adopting compact excavators instead. This not only increases profit margins through lesser consumption of fuel, but also improves carbon emission standards. This trend is also augmented by other factors such as operational ease, improved maneuverability, and cutting noise emissions.

Technology Upgrades Are Key to Future Proof Growth of Industry

Customers are constantly seeking compact excavators with the latest improvements in technology, with the aim of boosting environmental impact and productivity. For instance, major cities around the world are making moves to bar the use of diesel. Consequently, electro mobility technologies are rapidly gaining importance in the industry.
Innovations in machine control technologies and mobile technologies are expected to continue witnessing increased demand. Manufacturers are rapidly building on their capabilities to bolster telematics and electrification, to build innovative and successful partnerships.

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Increased attention is also being given to design modifications for these machines. Customization has become very important depending on the end use and the objectives such as fuel efficiency, value for money, very limited operational space, and more.

Production Operations Rely Increasingly on Shared Architecture

With the increasing demand for customization, manufacturers are pushing to improve operational productivity. As a result common architecture sharing technology is being adopted widely and allows for easy combinations at an efficient pace.

The process, avoids the one size fits all approach, and instead uses the various excavator part designs as building blocks, which can be mixed and matched over a common base platform. This allows for greater efficiency in the production process which can be easily modified according to the prevalent trends in the construction industry.

Emerging Economies in Asia Pacific Drive Demand

While the compact excavator industry in developed regions such as North America and Europe have developed and matured over the past few years, the demand for these machines in emerging economies is fairly new, and there is tremendous opportunity for manufacturers to expand their footprints in countries such as India and China. Increasing rates of urbanization in the region are expected to boost the growth of domestic and international manufacturers here.

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