Homeopathy Products Cure without Side-Effects, Helps Driving its Demand

Homeopathy products are based on unconventional theories like, “like cures like”. They are derived from plants, minerals and animals and are made into sugar pallets that are placed on tongue. The other forms of homeopathic products can be ointments, drops, tablets, gels and creams. Homeopathy treatment are tailored for individuals. It is popular as alternative medicine that is not totally approved by FDA.

Homeopathy popular as non-invasive treatment

Homeopathy products are popular as diluted small doses of natural elements that trigger healing ability in human body. The homeopathy products industry has been ever-growing owing to the demographic shift towards non-invasive methods of medical treatment. Invasive methods have disadvantages like high price and physical strain. Homeopathy induces zero stress and zero disgust because of its sweet taste and easy dosage. Homeopathy products industry is expected to display stellar growth at rate of 18.2% CAGR for the forecast period 2017 – 2026. Also, sale of homeopathy products is anticipated to exceed 1,000,000 units by the end of year 2026.

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Invasive treatments are now considered as last retort for curing disorders and malignancies. Alternative medicines like homeopathy are preferred by masses as they can be consumed orally and have no side-effects. The other reason for its increasing sale is that it can be conveniently administered to all ages, from child to senior citizens. Allopathic medicines are known to have side effects along with their healing impact. Moreover, the cured symptoms have the chances to reoccur after the prescribed dosage of drug is over. Homeopathy reigns in this area as it is famous to cure the disease permanently or for long term. Apart from long term impact, homeopathy products are consumed as preventive measures and with the objective to boost immune system.

FDA intensifies its approval process

Food and Drug Administration does not approve entirely of homeopathy products and is continuously assessing its authenticity in curing ailments. It is introducing “risk based enforcement approach” for commercially available homeopathic drugs in America. It is updating its current policies for homeopathic drugs that are prescribed for serious health conditions. This policy will take account of all homeopathy medicines in market that contain potentially harmful ingredients. It will tighten the manufacturers and compel them to follow standard manufacturing practices while manufacturing homeopathic products. FDA’s approach will transform the entire market. FDA’s enforcement will be on infant and child products like nux vomica and belladonna. Other homeopathy products that promise cure of serious ailments like Heart disease and Cancer will also come under scrutiny. Products that are not taken from mouth or rubbed on skin, and those with reported safety concerns will be on FDA’s watch list.

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Global homeopathy industry is flooded with regional and international vendors. The competitive landscape of homeopathy products has intensified in last few years with launch of product lines and increase in innovations. Key stake holders in global homeopathy industry are Boiron Group, A Nelson & Co Ltd., Standard Homeopathic Company (Hyland’s Inc.), Biologische heilmittel Heel Gmbh and GMP laboratories of America, Inc.

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