Retail Pharmacy Drives Domination of North America in Citicoline Industry

Citicoline is a type of nucleic acid which is also commonly known as CDP-Choline. This nucleic acid plays an essential role in the development of phospholipids from the brain. In turn the cells of the brain have the capability to transform citicoline into a phospholipid component in the cell membrane called phosphatidylcholine.

Citicoline is thought to play a major role in the stable functioning of cell membranes, and is also play an indirect role in a number of vital functions such as maintaining memory, and sexual function among others.

Proven Efficacy for Glaucomatous Ailments Drives Industry

Citicoline is an endogenous compound variant, which helps in bolstering the levels of neurotransmitters present in the human central nervous system. Consequently, the administration of exogenous citicoline through the mediums of injection or ingestion has proven to be effective in the neuroprotective aspects of ailments such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer disease, and stroke.

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This efficacy of citicoline is projected to be a key factor behind the growth of the industry for the foreseeable future with the objective of alleviating mental issues and effects such as cognitive impairment, which is associated with strokes and ageing.

Retail Pharmacy Channels Continue to Drive Growth in Industry

Consumers are increasingly becoming aware about the presence of medication based in citicoline and its benefits to the human body. Consequently, retail pharmacists are increasingly stocking a wide range of such medications, which is a major channel of distribution that is expected to continue aiding the growth of the industry for the foreseeable future.

This trend is expected to be supported by increasing number of innovations in terms of tablet manufacturing processes to optimize performance in treating a range of neurological ailments, which will maintain the demand for citicoline based tablets for the near future.

In addition, other channels of distribution and sales such as online platforms, hospitals, hypermarkets, and specialty stores are also expected to witness substantial growth, not just in the form of tablets but also as capsules, powders, and more.

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North American Healthcare System to Continue Dominance

A number of manufacturers for citicoline based drugs are focusing their business strategies to fit the needs of the North American healthcare industry. Consequently, these companies are increasing consumer awareness campaigns, most of which are targeted at the baby boomer demographic.

In addition to public education, manufacturers are also focusing on the development of alternative medicine formats, such as using the high levels of solubility to create citicoline infused beverages. These developments are being augmented by a rising number of collaborations, mergers and acquisitions, by companies in the region. For instance, Elder Pharmaceuticals has entered into an agreement involving licensing, with Spain based Ferrer SA, to produce a citicoline compound.

On the other hand, while citicoline has displayed success in treating neurological conditions, the compound also causes a wide range of side effects including fluctuating blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, insomnia, headaches, tachycardia, bradycardia, and hypotension among others. This factor is expected to hinder the global citicoline industry for the foreseeable future.

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