Uncertainties over Legalization Impact Cannabis Infused Drinks Manufacturers

The cannabis industry is rapidly gaining in popularity, as a number of governing national and state bodies have legalized the use of medical marijuana, while the use of the cannabis for recreational purposes is growing at a slower rate.

In addition, CBD has been associated to a wide range of health benefits such as the treatment of chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, seizures, and more. In addition, CBD has been found to provide relaxant effects, without the risk of intoxication. However, a shortage of peer review studies on this issue is restricting its widespread use.

With increasing relaxation of cannabis regulations, a number of products infused with cannabis have entered the market including oils, foods, beverages and more, despite the legal status of these products being largely uncertain.

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Major North American Companies Take to THC and CBD Infused Drinks

A number of major beverage companies have initiated the production of CBD and THC infused beverages over the past few years. Most of these companies have been beer companies who have been aggressively pushing cannabis infused beverages, in the background of the decline of beer consumption.

For instance Constellation Brands invested $4 billion in Canopy Growth, while Diageo, the owner of Guinness Brewing is in talks with a number of cannabis production companies to develop cannabis based drinks.

Beverage giants such as Pepsi and Coca Cola are also monitoring the industry, even though they have not admitted to any clear plans about developing cannabis based beverages. In addition, a number of wine producers are also experimenting with infused wine variants.

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Reductions in Cost Could Help in Production Rates

So far, cannabis has been largely been used for medicinal and adult recreation purposes. Consequently, the cost of the cannabis crop has been expensive. However, with the infusion of THC and CBD in food and drinks, the mass production of cannabis is also expected to rise, which is projected to help in reducing the price of the crop.
In the near future, the overall cannabis industry is not going to be limited to only adult and medical use. The inclusion of CBD and THC in a wide range of foods and beverages has already begun on a large scale, and is only expected to get bigger with nationwide legalization of cannabis, and regulatory guidelines for the use of cannabis products in edible items. As a result hemp and CBD will become a prominent addition to the global beverage industry.

Tolerance for Marijuana Can Hinder Sales

Most cannabis infused beverages are targeted towards users who regularly use marijuana for recreation. This can be a major issue for the growth of the industry, as the tolerance for people drinking alcohol has is different from the level of tolerance of recreational cannabis use.

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As a result, a person drinking cannabis infused beverages might have to drink a large amount to feel similar effects as compared to a regular period of smoking. This factor makes it a challenge for manufacturers to create standardized and shareable products, which will create constraints for the market in the near future.

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