Vapo- New Zealand Based Vaping Company Seeks to Enter Premium Market in the United Kingdom

Vapo, one of the largest vaping enterprises in New Zealand is making a move towards the UK market. The company, which is owned by Jonathan Devery and Ben Pryor has entered retail shelves across the United Kingdom in addition to a number of nicotine vape products.

Michael Mason, the national sales manager for Vapo in Europe and the United Kingdom, has stated that the company’s offerings have been largely successful, and that there has been a major uptake of such products so far. He stated: “We’re set to sign with some of the UK’s best well-known vape retailers. Already, we’re in the Phoenix Vapers’ network of stores, with Vapo products also available in Ziggicig throughout Northern Ireland in the coming weeks. Then, of course, we’re online with our own Vapo UK site, the massive UK Ecig Store, and we’re going live with the extensive Vape Club UK soon.”

Saturated UK Market to Challenge Vapo Presence in UK

Vapo has witnessed a fast rate of growth in New Zealand. However, the company is projected to face a number of challenges when it starts operations in the United Kingdom, which is one of the most matured markets for vaping products in the world. Most products in the UK are produced by Big Tobacco companies.

Vapo is hoping to build differentiation factors for its products, with a range of offerings. Mr. Mason said: “We’re also unleashing New Zealand’s best-selling flavors, which we created ourselves and so our products carry the sought-after ‘Made in New Zealand’ certification mark. Our e-liquids have also been put through arduous testing, passing with flying colors.”

However, the usage of flavors for e-cigarettes has become a controversial issue around the globe, owing to the appeal of such products for underage consumers. On the other hand, vaping advocates have argued that vaping products encouraged users to quit tobacco. However, the United Kingdom continues to be one of the relaxed countries when it comes to vaping regulations, with a growing number of government bodies proposing restrictions on flavored vaping products.

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