Aesthetics Become Key Concern for Ostomy Care Product Buyers and Manufacturers

Ostomy procedures are surgical process that effect changes to the way stools and urine normally pass through the body. In these procedures, waste from the body is being rerouted owing to malfunctioning parts of the digestive and urinary system. Ostomy procedures can either be temporary or permanent in nature, which drive the growth of the global ostomy care market.

Ostomy procedures may be used owing to issues such as birth defects, incontinence, cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease among other medical conditions. Consequently, ostomy procedures can be thought off as lifesaving procedures. The ostomy procedures are primarily of 3 types: ileostomy (small intestine), colostomy (large intestine), and urostomy (urine bladder).

The global ostomy care market was estimated to have a value of USD 3 billion in 2018 and is now being projected to grow at 1.6 times through 2029. The growth can be largely attributed to the rising number of stoma surgeries, product development, and the increasing number of patient awareness programs.

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Europe and North America Dominate Industry

Developed regions such as the countries in Europe and North America are dominating the global ostomy care industry. This can be attributed largely to increasing incidences of ailments such as Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, which has further resulted in the rising incidences of inflammatory bowel disease, essentially sustaining the growth of the market for the forecast period.

Major names participating in the market are pushing to strengthen their position in the industry with new and innovative product launches being the main strategy for these businesses. On the other hand, new entrants to the industry are pushing to invest in the production of pediatric ostomy bags, to capture a foundation in a very competitive market, as leading manufacturers have not displayed much interest in this segment so far.

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Advanced Designs and Customization for Ostomy Pouches Draws Growth

Ostomy surgery is increasingly being used for neonates and children, which has pushed up the demand for ostomy care pouches, which are designed to be age specific. As the demand has started to outgrow supplies and suppliers, major manufacturers have been shifting their resources to produce customized ostomy care pouches, in an effort to build a wider customer demographic base.

In addition, rising issues with pouch leakages has resulted in substantial demand for odor proof and leak proof pouch variants. This trend is also expected to contribute to the demand for customized pouches for the years ahead.
With the rise in competition in the ostomy care market, major players have been pushing their efforts towards the manufacture of ostomy bags and pouches with multiple flanges and convex designs. These products are popular as they are easily fixed to the stomach, with good capacity, and also make sure that the bags are secured to the stomach appropriately providing comfort to patients.

The number of ostomy care product manufacturers has significantly risen in recent years, which in turn will create lucrative opportunity for market growth, which is being supported by increased doorstep services to meet the demands of home care settings.

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