Consumers Prefer Residential Electric Grill Laced with Advanced Technologies

Residential electric grill has become a trend and is available for sale thorough various distribution channels. Barbecue’s trend has become main stream and is eyed as means of get together. The increased awareness regarding healthy eating also encourages its demand which propels global residential electric grill market. With stabilized world economy and increase in disposable income the majority population is spending on luxuries like food cosines and residential electric grills that can make great delicacies. Electric grill accessories are also purchased to assist their electric grill, which in turn increases the sale of global residential electric grill market. Manufacturers are focused to create residential electric grills with different popular features like portability, light-weightlessness and durability. Other features like collapsible frame and multi-terrain support further propel the market.

Innovative developments positively influence market

Fact.MR report states that the global residential electric grill market grew at 7% CAGR in the period 2013 to 2018. The fast paced growth can be dedicated to its positive attributes like environmental footprint, ability to grill meat & vegetables, ease of use and indoor application. Residential electric grill is anticipated it increase by 2019 with 3,200 thousand units. This growth will be at growth rate of 7.6% in the coming years. The sale is escalating due to several factors like product premiumization trend, innovative developments and integrated connected technologies.

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According to Fact.MR report, North America was the global leader in residential electric grill market in the year 2018 and will continue to maintain its dominance owing to the fact that 30% population in the region uses some type of grill. East Asia is emerging as a prominent region with a facts growth at 9% CAGR. The global residential electric grill market is expected to expand at 8% CAGR in the forecast period 2019-2028.

Use of Electricity give benefit

Electric grill has gained traction over its competitors for its benefit of using electricity which is favorable for use in apartments. Rise in construction of housing projects has increased demand of household products like electric grill. Electric grill can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

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Competitive landscape of residential electric grill market is very intense. Kenyon International, Inc. has launched new range of grills with advanced technology. It is equipped with kitchen timer and varied heat settings. Seamless touch system is its major attraction. Tristar has come up with BBQ that is apt for grilling vegetables along with meat. Additionally, it does not require charcoal or gas for operation. Its features include spacious rack, dishwasher proof components and detachable heating element that makes cleaning very easy. The Hearth, Patio & Barbeque Association (HBPA) has launched #WHYIGRILL campaign to encourage grilling. It shares motives and interesting facts about grilling. Its strategy seems to be working as it has gained the attention of all types of consumer and manufacturers.

Other major stake holders in global residential electric grill market are Koninklijke Philips, Robert Bosch, Weber-Stephen Products Llc, Black & Decker Corporation, Roller Grill International and Kenyon International, Inc.

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