Fact.MR Analyzes Impact of COVID-19 on Vibratory Rammer Market

Vibratory rammers construction equipment, which act as mini road rollers, which is often used and suited to the compaction of industrial concrete floorings and laying of pavement blocks. The demand for vibratory rammers is rising rapidly, and this trend is expected to continue through the forecast period till 2029.

The global market for vibratory rammers is expected to rise at a strong CAGR of ~ 5 per cent for the forecast period and this growth can be largely attributed to the rising number of road and highway maintenance projects, in addition to government infrastructure investments around the globe. The rise in road traffic is expected to generate faster wear on the road ways for rural and urban areas, thereby raising the demand for vibratory rammers.

Wide Scope of End Use Applications Sustains Growth

Vibratory rammers are commonly used by contractors who have been hired for road patchwork.  The rising rate of adoption can be attributed to the relatively low cost of these equipment and the wide range of applications that these machines can be used for.

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Vibratory rammers are normally compact in size and are much easier to handle as compared to most other equipment that are commonly used in the construction industry. Consequently, a number of end users are preferring to rent out these machines, which allows for better cost efficiency and removes the issues that are associated to frequent upgrades.

In addition, the small size of vibratory rammers makes these machines ideal for the construction activities in constrained spaces, and are also ideal to complement large scale compaction machines in open locations. However, the increased use of rental services and the high cost of maintaining vibratory rammers is expected to restrain the growth of the industry for the foreseeable future.

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Product Launches and Collaborative Efforts Rise for Consolidation

The global market for vibratory rammers is expected to grow substantially in the forecast period, while the number of market contenders is on the rise with existing players. Manufacturers are projected to boost their business portfolio with strategic developments including collaborations, acquisitions, mergers, facility expansions, improving service offerings, and the development of new products.

Some of the major players in the industry include names such as Wacker Neuson Group, Bartell Global, HCM Co., PEO Co., DYNAPAC, Fayat Group, and Hitachi Construction Machinery among others, amny of whom are involved in acquisition, merger or collaborative deals with other regional players in an effort to consolidate their market positions.

While diesel and petrol run variants of vibratory rammers continue to be the main product offerings by most manufacturers, increasing environment consciousness, and declining fuel stocks have pushed the development of battery operated variants, which is expected to increase competition in market players, with regards to price and technology.

This growth will be further supported by government initiatives who are pushing to reduce vehicles and machines which emit carbon, to eliminate not only emissions, but excessive noise from vibratory rammers during operation.

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