Demand for Activated Charcoal Supplements Upheld by Shift towards Non-Conventional Treatment Approaches, Fact.MR Report

The activated charcoal supplement market is projected to rise reach a value pool of US$ 11Bn between the forecast period of 2019 and 2027. The increasing consumer preference towards unconventional treatment options, and the growing expenditure on complementary health products are key factors, which are driving sales. Widespread end use applications of activated charcoal in the dietary supplements industry, and popularity among millennial demographics will continue to aid the growth of the activated charcoal supplement market. This highly promising landscape can be attributed to the increasing demand of over-the-counter supplements, concludes Fact.MR in its new study.

“Transparency on product ingredients will remain essential for industry leaders and new entrants in the global activated charcoal supplements market, driven by the growing demand for high nutrition among Gen-x and millennial consumer demographics,” concludes the Fact.MR report.

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Activated Charcoal Supplement Market – Key Takeaways

  • The capsule segment of activated charcoal supplements will account for a major market share of approximately 50% of the overall value through 2027.
  • The e-commerce channel of distribution will display an exponential 13% CAGR, driven by applications from leading producers in a mid-term period.
  • The medical sector will provide highly remunerative opportunities, owing to by scope of treatment for multiple ailments.
  • The legacy markets of North America and Europe, will remain a prominent region for activated charcoal supplements, accounting for majority market share.
  • Asia Pacific and Latin America will display major remunerative opportunities, driven by the practitioner segment which is set to grow with a 12.5% CAGR.

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Activated Charcoal Supplement Market – Key Driving Factors

  • Transition of producers from limited production to bulk manufacturing practices of activated charcoal supplement, will remain a major factor propelling growth.
  • Minimal restrictive impact of government regulations associated with activated charcoal and its use in supplements will support growth of global market.
  • The myriad health benefits of activated charcoal such as reduction in cholesterol levels and superior gastrointestinal health is sustaining market growth.
  • The high demand from millennial consumers for a wide range of end use applications is key to the activated charcoal supplement market.
  • Low capital requirements for entry in to the activated charcoal market is a major influencer.

Activated Charcoal Supplements Market – Key Constraints

  • Side effects such as dehydration, and constipation, or slowing of the intestinal tract from short term consumption of activated charcoal supplements is a challenge which is likely to hamper market growth.

The Covid-19 Market Impact

Activated charcoal has long been considered as key ingredient for treating a multitude of ailments. While it has found success in neutralizing poisons and overdoses, in recent years, activated charcoal supplements have also been gaining traction in bolstering the efficacy of antiviral drugs. This factor is expected to have a substantial positive impact on the market, as the world grapples with the threat of the coronavirus.

As researchers around the globe, seek pharmaceutical solutions to covid-19, the new approach of combining activated charcoal supplements with antiviral medication, allows for reducing the frequency of dosing, while also providing increased protection from the virus. Minimizing the requirement for drugs, can reduce the risk of side effects, which are associated with long term consumption of medication. This trend is expected to continue well into the forecast period, generating lucrative growth opportunities.

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Competition Landscape

The global activated charcoal supplements market is largely fragmented. The leading players profiled in the report include, but are not limited to Osaka Gas Chemicals Co., ADA-ES Inc., Reddy Emirates International LLC, Boyce Carbon, Veolia Water Technologies, Jacobi Carbons AB, Oriental Trading Co. Ltd., Cabot Corporation, Kuraray Co. Ltd., Calgon Carbon Corporation, Kalpachar Products Pvt. Ltd., CarboTech AC GmbH, Haycarb PLC, Donau Chemie AG, and Evoqua Water Technologies LLC. Market players are largely dependent on organic growth through company online channels and other conventional alternatives. New manufacturers are also leveraging favorable operating margins, and easier investment obligations, as indicated by the Fact.MR report.

About the Report

This 170-page study offers readers a comprehensive market forecast of the activated charcoal supplements market. Global, regional and country level analysis of the latest industry trends impacting the activated charcoal supplements market are covered in this Fact.MR study. The report offers compelling insights on the activated charcoal supplements market on the basis of product type (capsules, tablets, powder, and others), sales channel (drug stores, health & beauty stores, modern trade, third party online channels, company online channels, and practitioner channels), and primary function (antidiarrheal, detoxification, and anti-bloating) across five regions (Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, North America).

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