Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Market Investment Research Report 2019 to 2029, Fact.MR Study

The electronic grade hydrogen peroxide industry is projected to rise at a steady CAGR of 4.6% between 2019 and 2029. The increasing application of electronic grade hydrogen peroxide for increasingly complex semiconductor structures is a key factor driving sales. The introduction of advanced and emerging technologies will continue to aid the growth demand in the electronic grade hydrogen peroxide market. This promising growth outlook can be attributed to the recent advances wet process chemicals in semiconductor production, reveals Fact.MR in its new study.

“Low cost, minimal waste disposal issues and better performance, has made electronic grade hydrogen peroxide an essential ingredient in cleaning agent applications, which is likely to bolster growth,” concludes the Fact.MR report.

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Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Market – Key Takeaways

  • Electronic grade hydrogen peroxide as an etchant will account for a major market share of more than 50% of the overall value through 2029.
  • Electronic grade hydrogen peroxide with 30-32% concentration will remain a preferred option accounting for absolute opportunity of US$ 77 Mn by the end of the forecast period.
  • East Asia will remain a leading market with a third of the overall market revenue through 2029.
  • North America will display moderate growth, driven by capacity expansion activities.

Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Market – Key Driving Factors

  • Rising complexity of semiconductor products, and the resultant demand in cleaning and etching solutions is a key factor driving the adoption of electronic grade hydrogen peroxide.
  • Rising proliferation of connected devices, with emerging tech of IoT and artificial intelligence will support growth of global market.
  • The rising use of printed circuit boards in a multitude of end use applications is sustaining market growth.
  • Manufacturer efforts towards fab capacity expansions is pushing the electronic grade hydrogen peroxide market.
  • The continuing trends of electrification and automation, drive the demand for semiconductors contribute to sales.

Electronic Grade Hydrogen Peroxide Market – Key Constraints

  • Issues of contamination and decomposition of electronic grade hydrogen peroxide are the major threats that impact manufacturers.

The Coronavirus Impact

With major disruptions in supply chains arising from the outbreak, key companies are expecting a moderate impact from the crisis with disruptions and restrictions in logistics to last for a few months ahead. Further, lead times are anticipated to go up, as major factory facilities are preparing to return to normal levels, with the return of workers.

The issues have been largely compounded by panic responses in numerous regions of the world. The coronavirus outbreak has resulted in high levels of uncertainty for the industry, which could potentially return to a state of normalcy in the 2nd half of 2020, depending on the global success in handling the international pandemic.

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Competition Landscape

The global electronic grade hydrogen peroxides market is largely consolidated. The leading players profiled in the report include, but are not limited to Arkema, Solvay S.A., Evonik Industries AG, and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company Inc. Market leaders are investing in expanding production capacity. Manufacturers are also channeling their efforts towards high potential emerging markets such as Taiwan. Further, high costs of raw materials and labor has pushed producers to increase the prices of their offerings as indicated by the Fact.MR report.

About the Report

This 170-page study offers readers a comprehensive market forecast of the electronic grade hydrogen peroxides market. Global, regional and country level analysis of the latest industry trends impacting the electronic grade hydrogen peroxides market are covered in this Fact.MR study. The report offers compelling insights on the electronic grade hydrogen peroxides market on the basis of primary function (etchant and oxidizing & cleaning agent), concentration (30-32% and above 32%), contamination level (<100ppb, <10ppb, <1ppb, <0.1 ppb, and <0.01 ppb) and application (printed circuit board etching, semiconductor wafer cleaning, flat panel display manufacturing, photovoltaic manufacturing, and others) across five regions (South Asia and Oceania, East Asia, Europe, North America, Rest of the World).

Press Release: https://www.factmr.com/media-release/1400/global-electronic-grade-hydrogen-peroxide-market

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