What are the Factors Aiding Demand Growth of Material Buggies In Japan: Report Fact.MR

Rise in demand for material carrying equipment is evident due to the continuously growing construction and mining industry across the world. Changing technology in material handling equipment in developed and developing countries is felicitating the use of advanced pay loading equipment at construction and mining sites. Increase in public-private partnership projects is raising demand for material buggies to carry material […]

Sales of Flooded Automotive Lead Acid Battery Is Poised to Grow at a Value CAGR of 5% : Report Fact.MR

Automotive lead acid battery market is set to surpass a valuation of US$ 41.8 Bn and is poised to grow at a value CAGR of 5% during the forecast period (2019-2029). The surge in production of automobiles globally has supplemented the growth of lead acid battery market. Lead acid batteries are soaring on popularity as they provide an additional source […]

Sales of Gear Measuring Machine for Construction & Mining Equipment Manufacturing Is Expected to Be 2.5% CAGR : Report Fact.MR

Gear measuring machines market sales grew at a modest rate in the period 2013-2018, and the modest growth is likely to continue during 2018-2028, according to a latest study by Fact.MR. Volume growth is likely to hover around 2.5% CAGR through 2028 equaling a market value in excess of US$ 500 Mn. The study finds that despite the fragmented nature […]

Demand for Auto Infotainment Is Expected to Increase At A Value CAGR of 6.4% During The Period of Forecast

As automotive sector continues with its shift towards mobility and software services, use of advanced electronics coupled with IoT integration has accelerated the development of in-vehicle entertainment systems. Bluetooth connectivity and traffic updates on a real time basis is just the tip of the iceberg. Advanced memory solutions specially tailored for auto infotainment systems provide extra storage space for rich […]

Demand for Sensors & Feedback Services Is Expected to Reflect a CAGR of 5.0% Over The Forecast

Growing need for faster production process of electronic products has led to an upsurge in demand for motion control systems globally. In addition, surge in demand for intelligent technology is expected to impact growth of the global market positively. Fact.MR states that the global motion control market is expected to reflect a CAGR of 5.0% over the forecast period, 2017-2026. For More […]

High Quality Low Voltage Motors Market – Industry Outlook, Size, Share, Growth Prospects, Key Opportunities, Trends and Forecast

Growing need for cost efficient energy source continues to remain a major factors fuelling adoption of low voltage motors in various industries. Manufacturers are integrating intelligent technology in low voltage motors, which is projected to impact growth of the global low voltage market positively. A recently compiled report by Fact.MR, the global low voltage motors market is projected to represent more than […]

Top Players In The 100 T-200 T Mobile Construction Cranes Industry Account for Nearly 85% of Revenue Share

Mobile Construction Cranes Market research report categorizes the global market by Product Type (Truck Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, All Terrain Cranes, Crawler Cranes), by End-Use (Construction, Industrial, Utility), By Capacity (Less than 100 Tons, 100 T-200 T, 200 T-300 T, More than 300 Tons), & by Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS & Russia, Japan, APEJ, MEA). Manufacturers in […]

North America Accounts For Over 1/3rd of the Total Non-destructive Testing Services Sales

Surging demand for enhanced accuracy, cost efficiency, and non-intrusive testing to evaluate the properties of materials or components across industries will drive the demand for non-destructive testing. The global non-destructive testing market will grow at a positive 6% CAGR during the forecast period. Advancements in non-destructive testing methods such as digital ultrasonic testing and heightened portability furthers the adoption of non-destructive […]

Increased Efficiency of 750 Watts to 3 kW Category of Brushless DC Motors Holds a Majority Share of Over 49% of the Total Market

Consumer demand for enhanced features in automotive products such as motorized seats is spurring demand for brushless DC motors. Rising emphasis on fuel efficiency, adoption of new-energy alternatives, amid strict carbon emission regulations is also accelerating demand for brushless DC motors. These motors contribute to enhance product performance by increasing energy efficiency, and operating speed. The global brushless DC motors market will continue […]

Baby Seat Liners Market Expected To Witness Profitable Growth And Japan Hold Marginal Shares

Parenting is the most difficult but yet the most rewarding job in the world. With it, comes the great responsibility of upbringing a new life. To keep a balance between professional and personal life, parents are now actively seeking safe and convenient baby products. Baby products, mainly baby seat liners, are so ergonomically designed that parents find them comfortable to […]