Mock Meat Market Value Projected To Expand By 2021- 2031

With the growing vegan, vegetarian population the market for mock meat is projected to propel in the forecasted era. Mock meat is a plant-based meat-like substance. Vegan meat, plant-based meat, meat substitute, meat analogue, imitation meat, meat alternative, vegetarian meat, more pejoratively faux meat or fake meat are some of the more common names of mock meat. Mock meat is […]

Cannabis Edibles Market Expansion Projected To Gain An Uptick During 2021-2031

According to FACT.MR’ most recent analysis, the cannabis edibles market will experience robust expansion in 2021, with global revenues increasing by a significant revenue year on year. According to a new FACT.MR forecast, cannabis edibles revenue will nearly triple between 2021 and 2031. Rising demand for cannabis edibles from millennial and senior aged consumers for recreational and medical use drive […]

An Above Average CAGR Estimated To Be Maintained By Turret Truck Market During 2021-2031

Upsurge in seaborne trade, E-commerce and cargo industry to make headway for the Turret Truck Market A turret truck is a very-narrow-aisle (VNA) counterbalanced fork truck with an articulated carriage allowing the forks to rotate 180° within the storage aisle. It is used for lifting pallets and other loads and to move quickly through small spaces with precision. The turret […]

Room Pressure Monitor Market Estimated To Be Driven By Innovation And Industrialization

Market Snapshot Fact.MR- a market research and competitive intelligence provider- anticipates the demand for room pressure monitors to increase impressively through 2021 and beyond, given the rising need to decontaminate hospital wards, pharmacies and operating rooms. The COVID-19 pandemic further accelerated growth trends, as surging patient and caregiver hygiene concerns acquired precedence. To control further spread of infection, healthcare authorities deployed […]

Excessive Growth Opportunities Estimated To Be Experienced By Hermal Anemometer Market During 2021-2031

Global Thermal Anemometer Market: Market Overview A thermal anemometer is being utilized around the globe to measure air velocity, volume flow, and temperature. There are various types of thermal anemometer surfaced in the market with different functionalities some include portable or non-portable. The global thermal anemometer market is estimated to experience staggering growth on the back of rising HVAC inspections […]

Extensive Growth Opportunities To Be Witnessed By Grain Dryer Market By 2031

The study on the Global Grain Dryer Market published by Fact.MR is a comprehensive analysis of the key factors that are likely to determine the growth of Grain Dryer Market in the upcoming years. Further, the study dives deep to investigate the micro and macro-economic parameters that are expected to influence the global scenario of the Grain Dryer Market during […]

Significant Profits Estimated To Be Generated By Automatic Strapping Machines Market By 2031

Market Snapshot Award winning market research and competitive intelligence provider Fact.MR’s recent report forecasts a healthy growth trajectory for the global automatic strapping machines market. Extensive uptake across the global packaging industry is the chief growth accelerator. Sales were temporarily dented in the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, triggered by mandatorily imposed lockdowns which disrupted logistics, industrial operations […]

Parting-Off Blades Market To Discern Steadfast Expansion During 2021-2031

Parting-Off blades are the cutting tools used to part-off metal based products through machining. Parting-off blades are generally made of either HSS (High speed steel) or tungsten carbide because of their high thermal stability. Parting-off blades with different edged inserts are used for advanced parting-off operation such as shallow parting requires three edge parting-off blades insert, medium parting requires two […]

Industrial Safety Valves Market To Expand Substantially Owing To Technological Innovations During 2021-2031

The safety valve is a type of mechanical device that protects equipment against explosion or damage and is fitted in pressure vessels such as chemical power plants, gas storage tanks, and power boilers. It has been designed to open and reduce overload pressure in vessels or equipment and, after normal conditions have been restored, to close and prevent the further […]

Gear Shaping Machine Market To Register Steady Growth During 2021 – 2031

With the increasing technological developments in every field, the demand for high accuracy and precision in processes is creating new opportunities for the machine tools market. Consistency and quality assurance of the gear shaping machines add up to its advantages and elevating demand in the gear manufacturing units. The wide engagement of gears in almost all the machines of all […]