Dental Anesthetics Market Prediction Based on Industry Demand and Trends through 2019-2029

Witnessing an average Y-o-Y growth of ~5% in the revenues, the global dental anesthetics market is set to reach the US$ 1 billion market, by 2020. Hospitals will remain the cornerstone of the promising growth outlook of dental anesthetics market, according to a recent study of Fact.MR. The report suggests that half of the overall sales of dental anesthetics is […]

China Standard Parts for Tool Making Market Examination & Future Forecast Analyzed till 2028

As per the current market trends and the promising nature of the “China Standard Parts for Tool Making Market”, it can be estimated that the future holds positive outcomes. In order to provide a deep insight about the concerned market, Factmr would be publishing a resourceful analysis that will enclose knowledge about the regional market size, revenue and opportunity status. […]

Reflective Tape Market Forecast Covering Growth Inclinations & Development Strategies until 2028

Reflective tapes, also known as security tapes, reflect light back. Reflective tapes are one of the most user-friendly adhesive tapes. They are convenient to use with their simple peel and stick backing. Reflective tapes are easily visible, both during the day as well as at night. Reflective tapes are basically made from a technological blend of glass droplets, prisms and […]

Inflatable Sleds Market to Increase at Steady Growth Rate 2018-2028

The increasing preference towards snow-based recreational activities in North America and Europe, together with the demand for compact-sized equipment have driven the need for inflatable sleds. Average spending by recreational activity enthusiasts has increased by 0.3X over the past five years for all sports, whereas, for snow-based sports, it is approximately 0.4X in North America and Europe. Inflatable sleds, also […]

Medicinal Fungi Market Estimated to Attain Significant Value Shares by 2029

Medicinal fungi are mushrooms that are cultivated for their high nutrient profile of antioxidants, proteins, amino acids, and vitamins. Medicinal fungi are native to the Asia region, and they are cultivated on a large scale in this region. Medicinal fungi are known for their cure for common cold, seasonal allergies, alleviating asthma and bronchitis, inflammations, and to enhance the functioning […]

Marine Transport Refrigeration Unit Market Growing Popularity and Emerging Trends in the Industry Global Analysis by Key Players to 2028

For maintaining proper temperature during the transportation of perishable goods, marine transportation refrigeration units are used. These units are known as reefers units. Marine transport refrigeration units are used for longer distances and higher quantity transportation. The growing import and export of goods has created the demand for marine transport refrigeration units. Transport refrigeration is required in many ways in […]

Football Shoes Market Expected to Rise to Reach a Higher Value of US$ 19,000 Mn

A new report published by Fact.MR has projected the global football shoes market to exhibit a sluggish expansion throughout the forecast period (2017-2022). Approximately US$ 19,000 Mn revenues will be accounted by the global football shoes market by 2022-end. The football shoes manufactured currently utilize leather, or synthetic materials. Even though these materials are found have several advantages, players have […]

Autologous Fat Grafting Market Analysis Reports Revenue Growth during 2019 to 2029

According to a new study of Fact.MR, the autologous fat grafting market reached ~US$ 320 Mn in 2018, and is estimated to record ~14% Y-o-Y in 2019. Autologous fat grafting continues to gain popularity as an effective solution for various volume filling applications, despite lack of standardized guidelines for harvesting, processing and implementation. Leading players in the autologous fat grafting […]

Pallet Bands Market Technological Improvements Steering Growth during 2018 to 2028

In the packaging industry, there are various packaging solutions that are developed to provide spill-proof packaging. Pallet bands form an easy-to-use, secure, and cost-economical pallet load-unitizing solution, generally used in the free movement of finished bulk products across warehouses and retail outlets. While the pallet bundling process through shrink wrapping often takes approximately one minute, an employee takes just a […]

Corrugated Fish Box Market Key Players, Growth, Analysis, 2018 – 2028

Emergence of Eco-Packaging Solutions to Significantly Push Sales of Corrugated Fish Box Good insulation qualities of EPS traditionally drove its demand in the food packaging industry. However, growing environmental concerns shifted consumer demand towards eco-friendly packaging solutions, thereby creating lucrative growth opportunities for corrugated fish box market. Need for effective barrier solutions to fat, water and moisture further drives the […]