Cyclopentane Market Report: Regional Data Analysis, Revenue and Gross Margin 2019 – 2027

Fact.MR has recently published a fresh study centered at the global cyclopentane market. According to this assessment titled “Cyclopentane Market Forecast, Trend Analysis & Competition Tracking – Global Market Insights 2019 to 2027”, it has been highlighted that growing demand for commercial refrigerators has paved brighter opportunities for the cyclopentane market. The popularity of cyclopentane as a foam blowing agent for polyurethane foams makes it highly useful for insulating freezers and refrigerators. This report helps to determine the exact reasons for cyclopentane market expansion and its utility across diverse end-user segments.

Based on research insights, the imperative nature of commercial refrigerators is escalating due to fluctuating climatic circumstances which has caused wastage of harvested crops as a result of inadequate storage choices. As per external studies, more than one- fourth share of the harvested crops never touch the market due to unfitting refrigeration facilities. Therefore, higher the demand for commercial refrigerators, more is the market spread for cyclopentane. This study diligently states vital market facets related to the global cyclopentane market such as market size (US$ Mn), supply chain, pricing analysis, Y-o-Y growth, revenue (US$ Mn) & volume, market share comparison and a lot more.

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Cyclopentane for Commercial Refrigerators Transforming Market Space

With rising population, the need to proficiently deliver food to lessen the impacts of famine diseases and hunger have advanced. Therefore, the correct use of commercial refrigeration systems have become superior and governments all around the world are working to promote its use for keeping food fresh and prolonged. Cyclopentane being the primary foaming agent linked to polyurethane foam manufacturing, gets an additional boost with the proliferation of the commercial refrigeration sector. It is expected that, the following years would prove highly beneficial for cyclopentane market as improvisations with commercial refrigeration are already underway.

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Shifting Regulatory Landscape Impacting Cyclopentane Market

At present, greenhouse gas emissions are posing increased threat to the environment, thereby, pushing regulatory authorities to take strict measures. Substances which are listed to be phased out include Hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and Hydrochlorocarbons (HFCs). All these chemicals are widely used as refrigerants and foam blowing agents in almost all refrigeration systems and appliances. However, the phase out management strategy has aided the use of alternatives like cyclopentane as a foam blowing agent. This is because cyclopentane offers 80% reduced greenhouse gas emissions which has been suitably analyzed by experts. With a stern focus on environmental issues, preference for cyclopentane is rising among foam blowing agent manufacturers.

The final section of the report meticulously discusses the competitive scenario active across the global cyclopentane market. This assessment skillfully discourses knowledge about leading players and their contributions to the overall market. Every manufacturer is examined on the basis of company share analysis, thereby, assisting readers to receive in-depth data. Some of the major players mentioned in the report are Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, LG Chem. Ltd, Dynamatic Chemicals INC., Trecora Resources, Yeochun NCC Co Ltd, Maruzen Petrochemicals Co. Ltd, INEOS Group, Zeon Corporation and Haldia Petrochemicals Limited.

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