Artificial Intelligence has Introduced Highly Efficient Smart Optometry Equipment

Sophisticated technologies have emerged in eye tech industry and are assisting eye professionals to provide highest standards in health care. Optometry equipment have started a new age in eye healthcare where advanced techniques such as imaging technologies take measurements and analyze findings in very less time. Various instruments like instrument measuring eye pressure and photographing back of the eye are automated and are made more user friendly. Technological advancements have sped up the process to train professionals in optometry and have also generated free time with professionals to offer patients with consultations.

Correct selection is important

Many optometry equipment are available which makes correct selection of equipment very important. All the equipment should fairly pass the health care reforms and bench markers. Optometry equipment should enable visual understanding of the issue to both, ophthalmologist and patient. It should provide structural data that filters out nuances based on accurate reliability measures. Patient education is very important in modern era and interactive equipment can be utilized to demonstrate the disorder with better understanding. Equipment should be capable to exchange data that can be utilized in analysis and further developments in eye healthcare.

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Tonometer is one of the oldest optometry equipment that measures fluid pressure inside eye ball. Fluid pressure measurement has to be accurate as increase in pressure beyond a certain point can damage optic nerve of the eye permanently and can cause glaucoma, a high pressure disorder. Numbing drops are first instilled into eyes followed by tonometer touching eye balls to assess the pressure. Air-puff tonometer that blows air to measure pressure are also used. Auto refractor measures refractive error of eyes and prescribes lens. Retinoscopy is used by optometrists in cases where patients are unable to give feedback. These patients may face mental and physical conditions that interferes with their ability to reciprocate.

Modern retinal cameras are equipped with multiple filters

Retinal Camera is another optometry equipment that captures interior eye surface. It is basically a low powered microscope with camera. Ophthalmologists observe retina and changes on it over a period to diagnose disease. Modern retinal cameras are instilled with different filters to take multiple images to obtain clear image of all retina parts. Ophthalmoscope is used to examine eye interior with help of light source, mirrors and lenses.

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Smart optometry equipment have made their mark in medicine. Wearables in eye care have proved vital tool when it comes to managing health. Many digital firms have come up with the idea of smart contact lenses that can give a new edge to optometry equipment in correcting every problems. Artificial iris fitted in wearable is expected to aid eye injuries and congenital diseases. Tele-ophthalmology system has been developed to examine eye using 5G smartphone. An AI system named EyeArt has been introduced. It detects diabetic retinopathy and provides reading within 60 seconds. AI is has enabled prompt diagnosis of blindness risks and getting it treated before it’s late. Future is anticipated to have a greater store of innovations that will make optometry equipment faster, more accurate and highly efficient.

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