Automotive Industry drives Global Demand for LIB Anode

LIB batteries are rechargeable and include movement of LIB between anode and cathode while charge and discharge. Its positive attributes like high energy density, less memory effect and low self-discharge capability make it ideal for products categorized in portable electronics. Latest LIB batteries are composed of graphite anode and cathode made from lithium transistor metal oxide. Global LIB anode market is witnessing expansion owing to many advanced elements like 5G communication, electric vehicles and robotics.

Sustainability propels market growth

LIB anodes have gained significance with growing concerns over environmental change. Recent variabilities in climate along with energy crisis issues have prompted the stake holders in automotive sector to focus on developing vehicles with zero-emission. Demand for LIB anodes have increased as they act as important ingredient in creating materials for environmental sustainability. They possess the potential to significantly reduce carbon-di-oxide emissions. Moreover, Active anode components involve cost-effective techniques which positively influences adoption of anode materials in LIB batteries’ manufacture.

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Recent Fact.MR report predicts that the global LIB anode market will grow at ̴10% expansion rate during 2019 – 2027. China and Japan have captured ̴60% of global market and dominate it. Healthy market growth rate is exhibited in regions like East Asia, North America and Europe because of the presence of manufacturers with large production capabilities.

Developing economies find ample opportunities in global LIB anode market as they are experiencing great influx of investments and R&D activities aimed towards innovation. Several establishments and firms exploit the potential of anode. This potential lies in the fact that it can increase energy density in LIB batteries by 30%-40% with its intense capacity to absorb LIBs during charging activity. Anode material developers are coming up with ways to apply anode in various products like electric cars, grid energy storage and portable devices. Industry giants in LIB anode market are creating strategies and installing new plants to expand their market presence.

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Rapid R&D activities inspire innovations

R&D activities are actively embraced by stake holders to find all possible applications of anode materials in LIB batteries. Two major factors raise the demand of LIB anode which are increased individualistic purchasing capacity and growing adoption of energy-efficient appliances. LIB batteries’ demand will also get influenced by the faced paced us of consumer electronics in households which is a result of simplified credit access and raise in disposable income. The coming years are predictive be favorable for growth of automotive industry, which implies that positive scenarios of LIB anode consumption are bound to prevail. There are the the surge in automotive production on the backdrop of introducing sustainability in auto sector. The future demands highly efficient batteries that contain materials with large energy storage. Developing economies are largely responsible for these developments in automotive industry. There is rise in the middle-class population along with the amount of disposable income. Both the factors generate lucrative opportunities for automotive manufacturers in automotive industry.

Major stake holders present in global LIB anode market are Hitachi Chemicals, Betray New Energy Materials, Sumitomo Chemicals, Nippon Chemicals, Umicore and BASF.

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