Chloroacetonitrile Market Future Forecast 2019-2028: Latest Analysis by Fact.MR

The rapidly growing pharmaceutical industry will be of good help for the chloroacetonitrile market growth. Various industries and organizations carrying out the research and development of new products have created the need for analytical labs, which will help the Chloroacetonitrile Market to grow. The need for analytical labs created by various educational sectors will also help in the growth of the chloroacetonitrile market. The growth in the demand for organic chemicals will also boost the chloroacetonitrile market.

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The fast growing agricultural sector and its demand for pesticides and fertilizers is another driver for the chloroacetonitrile market. New alternatives in the market for fumigants can slow down the growth of the chloroacetonitrile market. The slightly higher cost of chloroacetonitrile may slower its market growth. The storage conditions and toxic nature of chloroacetonitrile can also slow down its market growth.

Chloroacetonitrile is a colorless and transparent fuming liquid having a pungent odour, and shows a good solubility in alcohol and ether. Chloroacetonitrile is also known as cyanide chloromethane, and is highly toxic in nature. It has also been seen that the oxidation of chloroacetonitrile in the presence of hydrogen peroxide can lead to the formation of cyanide, which is very harmful for human health. Chloroacetonitrile is stable at normal conditions, but it can react with acids, moisture, or strong oxidizing agents. Chloroacetonitrile will produce toxic vapors of hydrogen chloride on reacting with water.

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The European region, being a good chemicals producing region, along with good pharmaceutical industrial growth and moderately growing pesticide industry, will prove to be a prominent market for chloroacetonitrile. Japan, having a slow growth in the chemical as well as pesticide industry, but having a sound growth in the pharmaceutical industry, will be helping the chloroacetonitrile market grow to some extent. India, being another fast growing market in the chemical as well as pesticides and pharmaceutical industrial sectors, will be a very good platform for the growth of the chloroacetonitrile market.

List of Market Participants

Following are the key market participants involved in the chloroacetonitrile market Merck KGaA, Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., ChemTik, Acadechem Company Limited, MP Biomedicals, LLC, Alfa Aesar, Thermo Fischer Scientific, Angene Chemical, Phion Ltd., Finetech Industry Limited, Tractus, Toronto Research Chemicals

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