Covid-19 Lockdown Impact: Gonorrhea Therapeutics Market Growth and Demand, Projected Fact.MR

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted bacterial infection, and most people who are infected by the condition do not display any symptoms. It is a highly common conditions among teens and people in their 20s.

The global gonorrhea therapeutics industry is expected to witness a strong CAGR of ~ 5 per cent through the forecast period till 2029. With a year on year growth rate of 4 per cent, the industry has managed to be gain a revenue of USD 970 million. The growth can be attributed to the emergence of the condition as a major global health threat, with the increasing penetration of bacteria strains that are resistant to antibiotics.

North America Dominates Gonorrhea Therapeutics

The global market for gonorrhea therapeutics is heating up in competition, and major players in the pharmaceutical industry are pushing to enter into new international markets, with the objective of building a strong base, while also channelizing the supply of therapeutics in these regions.

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However, countries in North America, especially the United States are currently dominating the global gonorrhea therapeutics market, which can be largely attributed to the rising interest by government bodies towards initiatives to combat the emergence of bacteria, which are resistant to conventional antibiotics. This trend is providing lucrative opportunities for companies having a strong regional presence. This growth will be supported by rising investments in research for future treatments.

Pharmaceutical Players Face Challenges with Drug-Resistant Microbes

The rapid emergence of new anti-biotic resistant gonorrhea is a major challenge for all players involved in the treatment of this ailment, as an increasing number of conventionally effective drugs are now failing to cure the disease. Gonorrhea bacteria in particular has been able to find more success in resisting antibiotics, and is a key pain point for participants in the therapeutics market.

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Consequently, the growing presence of the gonorrhea infections have forced enterprises to collaborate for the development of novel treatment methods. The Global Antibiotic Research & Development Partnership has partnered with Entasis Therapeutics, for the development of new drugs. Effective drugs are also being fast tracked by regulatory bodies such as the FDA, which is expected to benefit the industry in the long term.

On the other hand, STDs are still a taboo topic of discussion in many parts of the world. The social stigma associated with gonorrhea has also had a major role in restricting the growth of the gonorrhea therapeutics market.

Improvements in Diagnostics and Cost Effective Treatments Aid Growth

Rising public awareness about the disease, and rapid advancements in terms of diagnostic methods are major growth determinants for the market. Some of the latest methods of diagnostics include nucleic acid amplification tests, which allows for early detection, and helps in stopping the spread of infection to the upper genital tract.

These tests have been proven to be more sensitive for men, and has also witnessed adoption and availability, which is driving the demand for gonorrhea therapeutics, and is further supported by the rising affordability of the therapeutics for the foreseeable future.

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